District Licensing Committee

What is a District Licensing Committee?

A District Licensing Committee (DLC) considers and grants or renews applications for licences and managers' certificates, including those that attract public objections.

Council has established a joint District Licensing Committee (DLC) list with neighbouring Selwyn District Council.

A DLC has three members from the list, including a chairperson or commissioner who acts as chair.

Who are members of the panel?

Robin Kilworth (Commissioner)
Simon McDonnell (Commissioner)
Simon Moore (Commissioner)
Merelyn Redstone (Commissioner)
Tanya Surrey
​Tracy McIlraith​
Martin Ferguson
Carl Purcell
Shane Epiha

When do the DLC meet?

For most licence applications, if there are no objections from the public or opposition from the reporting authorities (Police, Medical Officer of Health, and Councils Licensing Inspectors) applications can be granted by the chairperson or commissioner without the need for a public hearing of the DLC.

When temporary authorities or other applications are subject to objections or opposition, the DLC must sit with a quorum of three. These will generally be public hearings of which the applicant and objectors will be notified.

Alcohol licence decisions

Below are a list of decisions made by the District Licensing Committee under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.

What is the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority (ARLA)?

The Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority (ARLA) is the body for reviewing licence appeals against DLC decisions and applications to suspend or cancel a licence or manager's certificate. The DLC can also refer a licence application decision to the ARLA if it decides to.

Learn more about ARLA

DLC annual reports

Councils are required to report to ARLA annually on the proceedings and operations of its DLC.