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Ashburton Airport

We’re working on a plan that will guide the development at the airport over the next 30 years. If you’re interested in the future of the Ashburton Airport, we encourage you to learn more about this exciting project and how you can be involved.

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​​​About the Airport

Ashburton Airport occupies over 99 hectares of land located on the outskirts of Ashburton, 5.5km from the town centre. Ashburton District Council owns the airport and leases sites for hangars and airport activities. For any airport enquiries please contact

Facilities consist of four unsealed runways, one of which has lighting to enable night flying. Onsite fueling is available.

For aeronautical information of the site visit AIP New Zealand

Ashburton Aviation Museum

The airport boasts an outstanding Aviation Museum which is home to some of New Zealand's most unique aircraft, including the GR3 Harrier VTOL Jetfighter, 1933 Porterfield, B2 Canberra Bomber cockpit and the 1942 German Veihe Glider and the Skyhawk.

The Ashburton Aviation Museum is open daily 1pm – 3pm with extended hours on Wednesday and Saturday 9am – 3pm. Cost of entry is $10.00 with children under 12 years of age free. To arrange to visit the museum outside of these hours please phone (03) 308 6408.​

Hangar sites are available for lease for ground rental only. For any enquiries to lease Hangar Site(s) please contact Customer Services on 03 307 7700​ or email

All aircraft landing at the Ashburton Airport are required to pay a landing fee.

For one off casual landing fee payments, the fee is based upon the maximum certified take-off weight (MCTOW) of the aircraft, as per information provided by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Please contact for any enquiries about Landing Fees.

2022/2023 Landing Fees - Please note that the landing fees are for the period 01 July 2022 to 30 June 2023.

Casual fee – microlight (per landing) - $8.00

Casual fee – over 600kg or helicopter (per landing) - $11.00

Casual fee – over 1500kg (per landing) - $16.00

Failure to pay landing fee 1st offence - $40

Failure to pay landing fee 2nd offence - $100

Pay via direct deposit for Casual Landings at Ashburton Airport

Account: 03-1592-0521970-00

Particulars: Aircraft ID/Name (12 Characters max)

Code: 10149

Reference: Landing Fees