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Library - Frequently Asked Questions

Registration is done via an online form. Click here to register.

You will also need one form of identification:

  • Personal Photo ID

There is no age limit to join the library and we encourage you to make library visits part of their everyday life.

Please tell us next time you are in the library or notify us by phone.

You can borrow up to 35 items at a time. If you are a new member and don't have identification, you can only take two items.

If you have appropriate identification you may take 2 items out or we can hold them for you for up to a week.  Another option is to have a replacement card made, which costs $4.10 and cancels your old card.

With your agreement they can use your card, but we advise caution, as you are responsible for all items issued.

Please note that books for adult use cannot be issued on a junior card.

Come to the membership desk with personal identification and we can make you a new card.  There is a $4.10 charge for a replacement card and it cancels your old one.  If you lose your card, or it is stolen, please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can put a block on your card.

Yes, teachers can apply for two cards – one for their own personal use and a teacher's card for borrowing classroom resources.  A teacher's card will entitle you to borrow extra items and to keep them for a slightly longer time.  We welcome visits from classes and pre-schools.  Please phone us to arrange a time.

Yes, you can renew them, up to three times, as long as they haven't been reserved by another borrower.

You can do this either by calling the library during opening hours, renewing it at the counter (please bring your card), or renew them online.  You will need to arrange a PIN number to do this.  If you are renewing a charge item, you will have to pay another rental charge.

Please call into the library to arrange a PIN number.

In both cases, the cost of replacement for the item will be charged to your borrower record and an account posted out.

When you lose a book you are charged for the cost of the book.  If you find an item you have already paid for, please return it and the Ashburton District Council will post you a refund.

Please don't try to fix it yourself.  We have special glues and tapes to repair books, so just tell us when you return the book.

Yes, we have adult, children and young adult titles.

There is no cost to issue DVDs and they are issued for 7 days.

Please ask the staff for help.  Often people stop at the book information screen, without clicking on the view copy information link.  This link tells you where to find the book – for example, large print, stack, junior library, etc.

Stack is a storage area upstairs.  Staff are happy to retrieve these items for you.

Yes.  We have Wriggle and Read on Tuesday mornings from 10.30am, Story and Rhyme Time Thursdays from 10.30am and STEM pre-school programme Create, Explore, Discover on Friday mornings from 10.30am.

All pre-school programmes run throughout the school term only.