Freedom Camping Bylaws and Conservation

Ashburton District Council Bylaws

The following clauses from Ashburton District Council Bylaws have relevance to freedom camping.

Transport and Parking Bylaw - read the full bylaw here

Section 1029.1: No person shall (except as permitted in this chapter or any other part of this bylaw or by statutory provision) camp in or upon any public place where they may cause a nuisance to other persons.

Open Spaces Bylaw - read the full bylaw here

Section 10.1: No person shall camp, place, put up or erect any stall, tent or structure of any kind within an Open Space except with the specific permission of a Council Officer and then only in accordance with every condition attaching to any permission granted.

*Open Spaces include (but are not limited to) parks, domains, public gardens, and reserves.

Department of Conservation

You can find more information about freedom camping on the Department of Conservation website, as well as information about areas of conservation land where freedom camping is restricted or prohibited.