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Cemetery Information

Our Cemeteries

Council manages 16 cemeteries within the Ashburton District, of which 4 are closed.

The family of the deceased are responsible for maintaining the memorial in good condition. Council does not accept responsibility for damage or vandalism to monuments.

The cemeteries are open to the public, seven days a week.

Open Cemeteries

There are 11 open cemeteries in our district. They are:

RakaiaMount Somers
HindsAlford Forest

The Ashburton Cemetery,  located off the corner of Bremners Road and Seafield Road on the northern side of Ashburton, is the largest cemetery in the district.

The cemetery provides for burials and ash interments.  There are separate areas for returned services personnel and children under 9 years. There is also a remembrance book administered by Paterson's Funeral Services Ltd. and a memorial garden for past stillborn children.

The Ashburton Cemetery Extension, off Seafield Road, was opened in October 2020 and will cater for town’s burial needs for the next 40 years. It provides areas for natural burials, ashes scattering, Muslim burials and conventional burials.

The Ashburton Cemetery also includes the historic sexton's building.  The building is an eight-sided building with two long sides.  It was restored in 1994 by the Pakake Lions Club and officially opened by Prime Minister and MP for Rakaia the Rt Hon Mrs Jenny Shipley on 8 April 1998.

The Methven Cemetery is located 500m from the Methven town centre on the Methven Chertsey Road.  A returned services area is provided as well as areas for burials and ash interments. The cemetery's earliest burial record dates from 1883.

The Rakaia Cemetery is located off Baker Road, which is west of the town centre.  The cemetery has been open since 1878.

The cemetery provides for burials and ash interments.  There is also a memorial wall where plaques can be put in remembrance of a person who is not buried in the cemetery.

Located south of the Mount Somers village centre off Hoods Road, the Mt Somers Cemetery provides for burials and ash interments. All burial plots are single depth, allowing for one casket.

Chertsey Cemetery is on the east side of State Highway 1 south of Chertsey village, 32km north of Ashburton.  The cemetery has been open since 1890.

Ruapuna Cemetery is a rural cemetery which provides for burials. It is located on Coskeries Road. The earliest recorded burial is 1897.  All plots are single depth.

Alford Forest Cemetery is about 15km south of Methven on Alford Forest Road, off State Highway 72 (inland scenic route).  The earliest burial records are from 1883.  All plots are single depth.

Winslow Cemetery has been operating since 1882 and provides for burials.  The cemetery is situated on the east side of State Highway 1, 10km south of Ashburton.

Hinds Cemetery has been operating since 1893 and is located off State Highway 1 on Isleworth Road in Hinds.  All plots at the cemetery are single depth and provides for burial plots only.

Waterton Cemetery is a rural cemetery and has provided burial plots since 1881.  The cemetery is situated on Grahams Road.

Barrhill Cemetery is located on the Barrhill Lauriston Road about 500m south of the Barrhill settlement.  The earliest records for this cemetery go back to 1881 and provides for burial interments.

Closed Cemeteries

Closed cemeteries in the district are no longer used for interments.

Kyle Cemetery is located at the corner of Lambies and Dobsons Ferry Roads, approximately 28km east of Rakaia.  The cemetery is surrounded by a plantation and has a sign erected at the entrance.

Highbank Cemetery is located off Cairnbrae Road, at the rear of a tree lined paddock. The cemetery was used from 1899 to 1930.  The public are still able to access this cemetery.

Westerfield Cemetery has only two graves dated 1914 and 1915 and is located on the Westerfield School Road towards the Tinwald Westerfield Road end.

Pioneer Park is located at the corner of Kermode and William Streets in Ashburton.  This cemetery was grassed over in 1955 and now serves as a recreation area.  A monument was erected to the memory of the early settlers who were laid to rest; there is also a plaque to Edward Jerningham Wakefield set in the ground.  The earliest burial was in 1864 with the last burial being 1896.

As well as the open cemetery at Mt Somers there is also a closed cemetery at the Mt Somers Domain.

Private Cemeteries

The Council carry out interments on behalf of the Churches or Trusts who own the cemeteries.

Dorie Cemetery is located in church yard of St Patrick's church 15km south east of Rakaia at the intersection of Mainwarings and McCorys Roads.

Cracroft Cemetery is located at the junction of Cracroft and Maronan Road.

Windermere Cemetery is located on Windermere Road.

Coldstream Cemetery is located on the Coldstream estate.

Longbeach Cemetery is situated on the Longbeach estate.