Highbank Domain Board

Established: Saturday 18th December 1897 – first meeting of the newly gazetted Domain Board.

Notable history: Early on, the Highbank Domain was praised as being a “splendid piece of land, has a nice large stream of water running through it, and a large plantation on the nor’west side, and is in the centre of the settlement, near the school.” The domain, reserve 3198, consisted of 10 acres.

Throughout the later months of 1903, the Board appealed to the council for a concrete swimming bath, but when the request went to council it was not entertained largely due to water usage concerns during the summer months.

Things were quiet for the Board for a while – fences were repaired, the domain was leased for grazing and firewood was chopped on Board land, and not much else happened during the 1900s and 1910s.

In October 1921, a concrete cricket pitch was laid in the Domain by the cricket club.

In May 1937, the Highbank Women’s Institute celebrated its second birthday at the schoolroom and an adjournment was made to the Domain where a tree was planted by the president in commemoration.

Since then, Highbank Domain has been of great use to the local community.

Past uses: Grazing leases

Tennis games between local district teams (eg Alford Forest and Highbank Clubs)