Chertsey Recreation/Domain Board

Established: Meeting on Tuesday 22nd July 1879, 5 pm.

Notable history: According to the Guardian on the 25th of July 1879, intentions were for the Board to “brighten the appearance of the dreary plains” by planting about five acres with the choicest evergreens and trees, “which will also in time serve as a shelter for the township from the ravages of the dreaded nor’wester.”

Tenders were put out for fencing and planting, yet in 1890 the reserve was facing some trouble. The board, now known as the Chertsey Domain Board, was bleeding members and the domain needed work.

Thankfully, member numbers were brought back up and plans were made for a new plantation around the domain, new fencing, and it was to be re-let for depasturing stock for a period of twelve months.

It was reported on the 16th of October 1896 that a new swimming bath had been completed in the Chertsey Domain, complete with a dressing room.

On the 29th September 1905 it was reported that Messrs Fitzgerald Bros. had been making a cycle track in the Chertsey Domain with a traction engine and road grader, but were facing difficulties due to the weather.

The Domain suffered severely during the high winds of October 1914. It was reported that three or four rows of large pines were “cut clean out.” Heavy damage was felt across the district.

Over the following decades up until today, the Chertsey Domain has been improved and maintained for the good of the local community.

Past uses: Chertsey Annual Sports and Races held in the Chertsey Domain from about 1890.

Chertsey School Committee’s annual school treat, 1900s.

Football matches eg Chertsey vs Rakaia July 1906, many others

Chertsey Sports and Racing Club annual gatherings.

Various cycling, sports, entertainments.