Alford Forest Hall

The Alford Forest hall, formerly the Alford Forest School, was opened in 1876 with a roll of 21 students. The school celebrated its 70th jubilee on October 19th, 1946, and subsequently closed in 1948.

A meeting was called, and it was decided that the school would be used as a hall, and a committee was elected. Since then, the Alford Forest Hall has provided a valuable service to the area, having been used for a variety of different meetings and gatherings.

In 1982, consent was granted for a kitchen and toilet area to be added to the hall.

The famous Alford Forest Moa sculptures which were originally in place outside the Alford Forest store in 1989, were moved outside the Alford Forest hall in time for the Foothills 125th jubilee celebrations held over the weekend of the 24th and 25th of February 2001.

A commemorative 125th jubilee plaque and picnic area were also unveiled during the celebrations.

The Alford Forest Hall sits just off the intersection of Alford Forest Settlement Road, Forks Road and Inland Scenic Route 72. Look out for the Moas, and you will know you have arrived!