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Elderly Persons Housing

Elderly persons housing complexes

Ashburton District Council owns and maintains 102 units available for people over 65 years of age. These are in 6 complexes spread throughout Ashburton, Methven and Rakaia, and they provide comfortable, self-contained, one-bedroom units, enjoying privacy and independence, while having contact with neighbours. Council looks after the lawns in these housing complexes.  The Elderly Persons Housing units are smokefree and there are conditions around keeping animals in the units. For more information, view the Elderly Persons Housing Policy 2021.

Council operates the units as a self-funding activity. This means that it does not attract general rate assistance.

To qualify for retirement housing, you should:

  • Be eligible for Government National Superannuation OR aged 65 (for a couple only one applicant).
  • Not receiving a gross income exceeding the total value of 15 hours per week multiplied by the rate of minimum wage at that time.
  • Be able to care for themselves independently. The use of home-based support services does not mean applicants are automatically excluded.
  • Show a housing need which cannot be met adequately elsewhere.
  • Total assets, including cash, investments, house and other property (but not including a car, furniture and personal effects) should not exceed $20,000 (single) or $30,000 (couples).
  • Be compatible with other EPH residents, in the opinion of the Council officer.

Where an application is received for a couple, both applicants must meet the criteria specified above. Where one applicant does not meet the criteria, the application will be considered at the discretion of Council.

Applications will be accepted and considered in priority from the following:

  • Current residents of Ashburton District
  • Those with family in the Ashburton District
  • Past residents of Ashburton District
  • Other applicants

To apply, fill in our Retirement Housing application form and return it to our Commercial Team by email or mail your application to Ashburton District Council, PO Box 94, Ashburton 7740.