Methven Domain Board

Established: The Mt Hutt Road Board also functioned as the Methven Domain Board from 1885. In 1922, a separate Domain Board was established, but in 1927 control reverted to the Road Board and stayed with them.

Notable history: On the 26th February 1885, a proclamation in the Gazette, under the Public Domains Act 1881, stated that members of the Mt Hutt Road Board and the Mt Somers Road Board will constitute the Methven Domain Board and will operate the “Methven recreation grounds.”

The Board’s earliest work, from 1885, included an extensive fencing programme, building gates, and planting trees to protect the Domain.

In 1897, six acres being part of reserve 2026 were gazetted to the Methven Domain, and that same year a swimming pool was devised at the Domain.

The Domain has been enjoyed by clubs and societies for as long as it has stood, having entertained thousands of club members, parishioners, and athletes alike since its inception.

Past uses: Church of England Parsonage Fund Fete 1906, Methven Anglican Church Garden Party 1907, Methven Caledonian Society Close Day December 1912, Methven Swimming Club Close Day 1919 for swimming sports, Sports clubs’ Gala Day 1922, Methven trotting club gatherings, Lawn tennis