Seafield Hall

The Seafield hall was built in 1970 on the site of the old Seafield School, at 1673 Seafield Road.

The old Seafield School was closed in 1936 and later became the community hall until the existing building was built.

For decades, the hall has served the community well and historically has been used for WDFF meetings, general meetings, parties, weddings, and annual Christmas functions.

Memorials to the eleven Seafield men who served in World War I, and to the twelve district men who went to World War II are in the hall.

In June 2008, the local community voted on whether the hall should stay where it is or move to a new site. The result was that the hall would remain on the old school site, where it stands to this day.

(Ashburton Guardian 1/6/1970 ‘Seafield hall opens’ check Library newspaper archives)