Trade Waste

What is trade waste and why is it controlled?

Trade waste is any wastewater discharged from industrial or business properties into Council's wastewater system.  Trade waste does not include wastewater from domestic homes.

Discharging trade waste directly to the wastewater system can cause blockages and overflows. It can also introduce hazardous substances that can cause damage to the wastewater infrastructure, or could be a risk to public health, maintenance staff and to the environment.

To protect people's health and safety, wastewater infrastructure and the environment, Council has made and administers the Trade Wastes Bylaw.  This controls what can and cannot be discharged into the wastewater system.

Application for a trade waste discharge

Any business that discharges wastewater into Council's wastewater system may need to comply with the Trade Wastes bylaw.  If you own a business that intends to discharge trade waste, you will need to apply for a trade waste consent.

Download a trade waste application form

More information

If you're unsure whether your business requires a trade waste consent, please contact Council on (03) 307 7700.