Land Borne Inflatable and Amusement Devices

Land Borne Inflatable Devices (LBID)

A "land-borne inflatable device" refers to an inflatable object or structure designed to operate on land. These devices typically utilize air or gas to expand and create a structure that can serve various purposes. Examples of land-borne inflatable devices include inflatable tents, bounce houses, bouncy castles, inflatable slides, and other temporary or portable structures designed for recreational, promotional, or shelter purposes on land. They are often made from durable materials such as PVC or nylon and can be inflated using pumps or air blowers for easy setup and deflation for storage or transport.

You can apply to Council for an authorisation to operate a land borne inflatable device.

LBID authorisation application form

When you submit your application, you will need to provide a list of evidence and fee.

LBID list of evidence to provide with the application form

For more information or to speak to Council’s Event Officer, call council on (03) 307 7700.

Ashburton District Council is considered to have ‘overlapping’ duties when land-borne inflatables are operated on Ashburton public land or for Council run events under the Health and Safety at Work Act. Under Worksafe regulations, only operators who can provide evidence to event organiser and landowner that land-borne inflatable devices (LBID) meet the requirements of Australian Standard AS3533.4.1should be allowed to operate.

Operators and event organisers have responsibility for ensuring that all activities comply with sections 30 and 36 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

Amusement Devices

An amusement device is any mechanically powered unit that is used for rider entertainment.  This includes fairground machinery such as merry-go-rounds, ferris wheels, bumper boats, bumper cars, and mini-bikes.

You will need a permit from Council to operate machinery such as these.

Bouncy castles and inflatable slides and non-powered playground equipment used at home (private property) are not Amusement Devices so you would not require a permit.

Amusement devices must have a Certificate of Registration issued by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.  When you apply for a Certificate of Registration, the Department of Labour inspects the machinery to ensure it is safe to use.

You can apply to Council for a permit to operate an amusement device.

Download a permit application to operate an amusement device in the Ashburton District

When you submit your application, you will need to provide the certificate of registration of the device and fee.

Learn more about our fees and charges

Learn more about the Amusement Device Regulations 1978

For more information or to speak to Council's Environmental Health Officer, call Council on (03) 307 7700.