Stockwater race maintenance

Throughout the year water races need maintenance to make sure water can flow easily to where it is needed.  This is especially important in summer when stock often need to drink more.

Race cleaning

To help get the water through the network, races need to be cleaned of any weed growth and any silt built up removed.  This work needs to be done carefully to make sure the bottom of the race is not damaged or made leaky.

Council organises the cleaning of main races. Cleaning of local races is the responsibility of the property owner or occupier.

Race spraying

Sometimes weeds like broom, gorse and thistles grow along race banks.  These can be quite hard to remove so it is often easier to kill them by spraying.

Council organises the spraying of main races and road crossings between October and April. We only use registered spray applicators.

As the water needs to be safe for stock to drink, the only herbicide (weed killer) allowed to be used is one that is glyphosate-based.  The only other additive allowed in the spray is a surfactant (sticker).

If you are going to spray the banks of your race, please use extreme care to make sure that the spray is not applied directly to, or allowed to drift into the water.