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Council provides stockwater services to rural properties in the Ashburton District.  Most of our stockwater is carried by a large network of open races.

We also provide stockwater through two piped schemes in Methven Springfield and Montalto.  These schemes are also used by households so the water is treated to make it suitable as drinking water.

The Acton Irrigation Scheme also provides stockwater on behalf of Council to properties in the Acton area.

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Race maintenance

In order to make sure that stockwater flows to where it is needed, the races need to be maintained throughout the year.  This involves cleaning and in some cases spraying weeds along the race banks.

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Keeping our races clean

Council wants to ensure that the water in our races is kept as clean as possible so that stock (and in some cases people) have clean drinking water.  To do this we require that stock, such as cattle and deer, do not have free access to the stockwater races and have drinking bays instead.

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Race alterations and closures

Alterations to any part of Council's stockwater network need approval before they can be constructed. You should apply through the stockwater race works consent application process.

Alterations include:

  • Closure or realignment of existing races
  • Construction of new races or culverts
  • Construction of new ponds or pipe services off the race system

Learn more about applying for race alterations and closures

Water Race Bylaw

Learn more about the Water Race Bylaw here

Activity Management Plan

Activity Management Plans (AMPs) outline how Council manages stockwater.

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