Race alterations and closures

Alterations to any part of Council's stockwater network need written approval (a stockwater race works consent) before they can be constructed.   Alterations include:

  • Closure or realignment of existing races
  • Construction of new races or culverts
  • Construction of new ponds or pipe services off the race system

The application process includes filling out a Stockwater race works application and, Stockwater race closure consent & survey

Main race alterations

Alterations to main races need more supporting information with the application than local races.  This is because they are such an important part of the race network and if the alteration is not designed properly it can cause big problems for other parts of the network.

Learn more about the extra supporting information and design requirements for main race alterations

Note: Due to the important role main races have in the network, main race alterations may not be approved.

Stockwater race closures

Council often receives applications from customers who no longer need their stockwater race and want to close it.  Races cannot simply be closed as some users downstream might still need the water.

The stockwater race works consent application process must be followed. Council then needs to make sure that the proposed race closure has the correct approvals. The closure process can be complicated and take a long time to complete. How complicated the process is depends on:

  • the length of race proposed for closure
  • the number of properties directly affected by the proposed closure
  • whether all the users of the race support it being closed

For more information about the stockwater closures process, please contact Council on (03) 307 7700.