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Road and Footpath programmes

​​​​​​​​​​Council has budgeted $14M to be spent on the district's roads and footpaths from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020.

This work will include resurfacing and rehabilitation work on sealed and unsealed roads, roadside drainage improvements, footpaths, kerb and channel replacement, intersection resurfacing and streetlight upgrades.

Each year Council submits a Low Cost Risk programme​ to New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA).  The programme/schedule sets out what minor improvement work Council would like to carry out during the LTP period.

Please note that submission of the programme does not guarantee that the proposed work will be undertaken.  Additional work may also be added to the programme during the period if reuqired parameters are met.​​​

For a quick look to see what is happening around the district roading wise, check out our Road Works interactive map.

For more detail refer to the various programmes outlined below.​

​Rehabilitation of sealed roads

Road rehabilitation work is done to improve the strength of the pavement or road.​

For the 20/21 financial year Council is focusing its rehabilitation budget into the Ashburton CBD Revitalisation Project​.

However, if there is some budget remaining from that project later in the financial year, consideration may be given to undertake the Pudding Hill Road rehabilitation work​.

View the 2019/2021 Rehabilitation Sites map

Resealing of sealed roads, including seal extensions

Resealing helps provide better skid resistance for motorists. You can see a list of the roads programmed for resealing in 2020/2022 here.​​​

View the 2020/2022 Rural Road Reseal map

View the 2020/2022 Urban Road Reseal map

​​Footpath resurfacing, kerb and channel replacement

The footpath resurfacing and kerb and channel replacement programme enables the upgrading of older type footpaths.

For the 20/21 financial year, Council is focusing its footpath rehabilitation budget into the Ashburton CBD Revitilisation Project.  There will be no budget ​available for additional sites outside the CBD area.

New Footpath, kerb and channel installations

​​​​The construction of these new installations enables the extension of existing footpaths and kerb and channel as development is undertaken in, and adjacent to urban areas.

View the 2020/2021 new footpath, kerb and channel installations map

​Want to know more?

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