Manager's certificates

​When there is alcohol available for sale to the public in an on, off or club licensed premise, a duty manager who holds a manager's certificate must be present.  The duty manager is responsible for overseeing the sale and supply of alcohol.

Prior to lodging your application, you need to complete NZQA Unit Standards and the Liquor Controller Qualification (LCQ).

You need to apply in the District where you are employed, if not employed then where you currently reside.

Applying for your manager's certificate

Complete an application form and submit it to us. Applicants must be aged 20 or over to apply for a manager's certificate.

It is important to complete the application form fully and include:

  • A fully completed application form, signed by the applicant
  • Brief CV including evidence of previous and recent experience in a licensed premises
  • Two character references, including one from your current employer.
  • Proof of identity (driver's licence or passport)
  • A current work visa for non-residents of NZ
  • A Licence Controller Qualification (LCQ) under the new Act or LCQ and bridging test
  • The fee

Download a Managers Certificate application form

Submit the required completed forms above to Ashburton District Council Administration Building for processing.

Now we have an online application option available

  • Application form – complete this interactive PDF online and save to your local drive
  • Complete the required supporting information as stated above and save to your local drive
  • Then click on this link to begin your online application.
  • Under the attachments section in the application, you can then attach the completed PDF application form plus the supporting information required and send.
  • This will be received by Council for processing

What happens next?

The application will be referred to the Licensing Inspector and Police who will consider:

  • Your character and reputation/suitability
  • Any criminal convictions
  • Experience, and the type of premises you have experience working in.
  • Recent training that the applicant has undertaken
  • Knowledge of the law and your obligations and responsibilities.

If there are no objections from the inspector or the police and we are satisfied that you meet the criteria, the District Licensing Committee (DLC) will issue your manager's certificate.  If there are any matters raised in opposition by the inspector or Police, your application will be considered by the full DLC.

Renewing a manager's certificate

A manager's certificate is first issued for a 12-month period and then an application of renewal is made. After the first application, certificates are renewed every three years.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your renewal is lodged in time.  A renewal application should be submitted at least 20 working days before the expiry of the certificate.

The application is referred to the licensing inspector and police and if there are no matters raised in opposition, we will renew your certificate.  If there are any matters raised in opposition, it will be considered by the full DLC.

Download a manager's certificate renewal form

Temporary and acting managers

There's a difference between temporary and acting managers. It's important that licensees and duty managers are aware of these differences and their implications.

Temporary manager

If a manager is ill or absent for any reason, or is dismissed or resigns, the licensee may appoint a temporary manager and notify us in writing. A temporary manager doesn't need to hold a manager's certificate, but must apply for a certificate within two working days after the appointment.

After the application is made, the temporary manager shall be deemed to be the holder of a manager's certificate until the application is determined.

If the appointee doesn't apply for a manager's certificate within two working days, or if the application is refused, the licensee must cease to employ the appointee as a Manager.

Acting manager

A licensee may appoint an acting manager and must notify us in writing:

  • For any period up to three weeks, at any one time where the licensee or a manager can't work because of illness or absence
  • For periods up to a total of six weeks in each period of 12 months, so the licensee or manager can have some
    time off

The person appointed acting manager shall be deemed the holder of a manager's certificate and doesn't need to apply for or hold a certificate.

Download a notice of management change form

Fees and charges​

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