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Locating Underground Infrastructure

Council mains and service connections​

If you need to find council water, sewer or stormwater infrastructure, please visit or call BeforeUDig on 0800 248 344.

This is a free service that lets anyone request information on the location of underground pipes and cables in and around any location. BeforeUDig also covers non-council infrastructure, including electricity and telecoms. You will need to become a member, but this is simple and there is no cost to you.

You can use this service even if you are only at the planning stage. ​When the time comes to start digging you will also need to submit a Corridor Access Request (CAR) if you are working in the road corridor.

​Private property drainage plans

If you want to obtain the drainage plan of a specific private property you can visit, call or em​ail the Council to make a request and we will make it available within three working days.

A standard fee  will be charged, which covers research, retrieval, scanning and providing the file in electronic format. If you don't have access to a computer you are still able to receive a hard copy of a property file for the same charge.