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Drinking Water

Council is responsible for providing drinking water supplies in the Ashburton District to the urban areas and rural communities of:

​DromoreLake Hood​Montalto
​FairtonMayfield​Mount Somers

Water conservation

Water is a precious resource which can be in short supply during our hot dry summers. Water conservation is something that should be practised throughout the year to make sure that water is used wisely.

Learn more about water conservation

Check the current water conservation measures (restrictions) status

Connections and standards

New connections to any of Council's water supplies need approval before they are constructed. These are applied for through the service connection application process.

Learn more about applying for a service connection, locating an existing connection and our Engineering Standards

Water quality

Ashburton District Council is committed to providing water that is safe to drink and meets legislative requirements. There are a range of treatment systems we use to eliminate microbiological contamination and minimise the risk to public health.

Learn more about how Council manages water quality

Backflow prevention

As a water supplier, Council must provide you with safe drinking water.  Unfortunately the water supply can be contaminated if water is drawn back into the mains from your property.  This is called backflow.

Learn more about backflow

Water metering

Water meters are installed on industrial, commercial and other extra-ordinary properties that are connected to Council operated water supplies.

Meters are installed to:

  • Measure and charge for water
  • Encourage water conservation
  • Provide data for system design and analysis

Learn more about water metering

Water projects

Every year Council undertakes projects that upgrade or replace parts of the different water supplies.

Learn more about water projects being undertaken this year

Activity management plans

Activity Management Plans (AMPs) outline how Council manages our water supplies.

Read the Drinking Water Activity Management Plan