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Dog Control Offences and Infringement Fees

If a dog owner fails to comply with Dog Control regulations they may be issued with an infringement notice and fined.

Schedule of Offences and Fees

As set out in Schedule 1 of the Dog Control Act 1996


Description of Offence

Infringement Fee

s 18Wilful obstruction of dog control officer or dog ranger$750
s 19(2)Failure or refusal to supply information or wilfully providing false particulars$750
s 19(2)AFailure to supply information or wilfully providing false particulars about a dog$750
s 20(5)Failure to comply with any bylaw authorised by section 20$300
s 23A(2)Failure to undertake dog owner education programme or dog obedience course (or both)$300
s 24Failure to comply with obligations of probationary owner$750
s 28(5)Failure to comply with effects of disqualification$750
s 32(2)Failure to comply with effects of classification of dog as a dangerous dog$300
s 32(4)Fraudulent sale or transfer of dangerous dog$500
s33EC(1)Failure to comply with effects of classification of dog as a menacing dog$300
s33F(3)Failure to advise person of muzzle and leashing requirements$100
s36A(6)Failure to implant microchip transponder in dog$300
s 41False statement relating to registration$750
s 41AFalsely notifying death of dog$750
s 42Failure to register dog$300
s 46(4)Fraudulent procurement or attempt to procure replacement label or disc$500
s 48(3)Failure to advise change of ownership$100
s 49(4)Failure to advise change of address$100
s 51(1)Removal, swapping or counterfeiting registration of label or disc$500
s 52AFailure to keep dog controlled or confined$200
s 53(1)Failure to keep dog under control$200
s 54(2)Failure to provide proper care and attention, to supply proper and sufficient food, water, and shelter, and to provide adequate exercise$300
s 54AFailure to carry leash in public place$100
s 55(7)Failure to comply with barking dog abatement notice$200
s 62(4)Allowing dog known to be dangerous to be at large un-muzzled or unleashed$300
s 62(5)Failure to advise of muzzle and leashing requirements$100
s 72(2)Releasing dog from custody