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Connections and standards

​Applying for service connections

New connections to any of Council's networks need approval through the service connection application process before they are constructed.

This involves:

  • Completing an application form
  • Paying the relevant fees
  • Engaging a Council-approved contractor

For more information on the steps involved to install a new service connection please read our service connection guide.


service connection application form needs to be completed for all:

New connectionsAlterations

You can also pick up an application form from the Council offices at 5 Baring Square West, Ashburton.

Scheme availability

Not all Council schemes are able to have new connections made to them. Some have reached capacity or the pipe network is small in size and can't provide for more property connections.

Check water and wastewater connection availability in your area

Approved contractors

Only contractors that have an 'Approved Contractor' status are allowed to construct the new connection from the property boundary to the council main.

Click here to view the latest Approved Contractor List

Connection fees and charges

An application for new connections incurs an application and inspection fee which is used to cover the processing of the application and site inspections.  Inspections are carried out to make sure that the services have been installed correctly and that the road and/or footpath has been reinstated properly.

A tapping fee is also charged for water connections.  This fee is to cover the cost of Council's water maintenance contractor going to the site and connecting the new water pipe into the Council water main.  They are the only contractor authorised to undertake this part of the work, to protect the integrity of the public water supplies.

A development contribution is payable for water and wastewater connections to the following schemes:

Ashburton water supply (including Lake Hood)Hinds water supply
Methven water supplyAshburton wastewater scheme (including Lake Hood)
Rakaia water supplyMethven wastewater scheme
Fairton water supply

A development contribution is used to fund upgrading of water or wastewater infrastructure for increased capacity.

Learn more about our current fees and charges

Learn more about development contributions

Locating existing connections and mains

If you need information about the location of council water, sewer or stormwater mains, please visit or call BeforeUDig on 0800 248 344. This is a free service that lets anyone request information on the location of underground pipes and cables in and around any proposed dig site. You will need to become a member at no cost. BeforeUDig covers most utilities, including electricity and telecoms, not just Council.

If you want to obtain the drainage plan of a specific private property you can visit, call or email the Council to make a request and we will make it available within three working days. A standard fee will be charged, which covers research, retrieval, scanning and providing the file in electronic format. If you don't have access to a computer you are still able to receive a hard copy of a property file for the same charge.

Engineering standards and specifications

When new infrastructure such as pipes and other treatment systems, are needed to be constructed, we require that they are built to sound engineering standards and good trade practice.

To make sure that the new infrastructure is designed and built in an acceptable way to Council, we adopted New Zealand Standard NZS4404.  The current version is titled NZS4404:2010 Land Development and Subdivision Infrastructure. This standard is available from Standards NZ.

Council has also developed a set of engineering specifications for construction of water pipelines, and for the construction of wastewater and stormwater drains.  These specifications also include standard detail drawings.  Please contact Council via email at if you would like a copy.