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Gambling Venues

​​​​What is a Gambling Venue Policy?

Under the Gambling Act 2003 Council is required to have a Class 4 Gambling Policy.

The policy states Council's approach to where new gambling venues may be situated any restrictions on the number of pokie machines permitted, if this is less than the maximum number allowed under the Gambling Act.

Ashburton District Council Gambling Venue Policy was adopted in July 2022. The Policy must be reviewed at least every three years.

Read Council's Gambling Venue Policy

Social effects of gambling

To inform the recent review of the Ashburton District Gambling Venue Policy, a report assessing the social impact of gambling in the district, including any changes and trends which may have emerged, was completed in 2022. Under the Gambling Act 2003, a Gambling Venue Policy must be reviewed every three years.

Overall, this report shows that the state of class 4 gambling in Ashburton District has not changed significantly since the adoption of the 2019 policy. Ashburton District has maintained its favourable comparison in terms of gambling participation, expenditure and problem gambling prevalence.

The overall number of gaming venues and machines has remained static since the policy was last adopted three years ago.

Council has prepared a Social Assessment Report which is available here.