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Bylaws are rules or regulations made by Council to make the district a safe and healthy place to live. Bylaws cover health, safety and environmental issues as well as use of our waterways and public spaces.

Bylaws are broadly made to cover one or more of the following purposes:

  1. Protecting the public from nuisance
  2. Protecting, promoting, and maintaining public health and safety
  3. Minimising the potential for offensive behaviour in public places

Not complying with a bylaw can result in fines, seizure of property and remedial action. Bylaws can be enforced by warranted Council staff or contractors and by some external agencies like the New Zealand Police.

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Hostels BylawRevoked 28 July 2016
Construction and Demolition BylawRevoked 19 May 2017
Open Fires BylawRevoked 1 July 2018
Food SafetyRevoked 1 March 2016