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Approved Contractors

Only contractors that have an 'Approved Contractor' status are allowed to work within the Road Corridor for council works requiring an application. The types of applications each contractor has been approved for are specified in the approved contractor list document which can be downloaded by clicking below.

Click here to view the Approved Contractor List

Application Types and Fees

Roading and footpath application fees will be changed under the Local Government Act 1974 annually, please click here to see the fees.

Vehicle Crossings

A vehicle crossing is the section of driveway from the edge of road seal to the front of your property boundary.

A vehicle crossing can be required for a number of reasons, such as:

  1. If land is subdivided and the new property does not have a vehicle crossing,
  2. If an additional vehicle crossing is wanted for alternative access, or
  3. If an existing vehicle crossing is not wide enough an extension can be applied for.

Vehicle crossings are important to prevent any vehicle travelling over and damaging the kerb, channel and footpath in urban areas, or damaging and creating edge-break or potholes in rural areas.

Although vehicle crossings are in Council road reserve, they are required to be constructed at the property owners expense. Once constructed and out of their 1 year warranty period, Council will continue to maintain the vehicle crossing if any substantial damage is to occur.

The construction of the vehicle crossing in Council road reserve must only be done by an ADC approved contractor. This ensures that the work is being done by a contractor who is aware of ADC requirements and can identify and navigate the potential risks associated with working in the road corridor.

Before being able to construct a vehicle crossing, residents must apply to the Council using the Vehicle Crossing Application Form below.

Click here to download the Vehicle Crossing Application Form

Pipe Under Road

To install a pipe under a council owned road, an application must be made to obtain a permit from the Council Roading team. The pipe must be installed by an ADC approved contractor and all costs of installation must be borne by the resident applying for the permit.

It is important to understand that the Council will not be responsible for any damage to the pipe in the future from any cause whatsoever so the lifetime maintenance cost of the new pipe will be the resident's responsibility.

​​​​With many companies undertaking major piping works of their irrigation schemes, Council has developed a set of guidelines​​ to provide the requirements for installing pipes under the districts roads.​

Click here to download the Pipe Under Road Application Form

Application Forms

Download the relevant application form by clicking below