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Wastewater Projects

Read about our current wastewater scheme upgrades below.

The Ashburton Relief Sewer upgrade (that began in late 2020 and will be completed in early 2022) will provide for future flows from the Ashburton Business Estate and the proposed new residential zones around the south-east of Ashburton currently not serviceable by gravity means. We received $7.8 million in stimulus and three waters infrastructure upgrade funding from central government as part of the Three Waters Reform.

Read more about the Ashburton Relief Sewer Project here.

This pipeline is a critical trunk pipeline between the Trevors Road grit chamber facility and the new Ashburton River crossing pipeline. Design of the new pipeline will proceed in the 2021/22, with construction programmed in 2022/23 at a cost of $3.3 million.

The north-west wastewater servicing project will provide essential wastewater infrastructure to service the Residential C zoned land within the area bordered by Allens Road, Racecourse Rd, Farm Road and Mill Creek. The project comprises construction of a new network wastewater pump station (on Allens Road) and trunk pipelines in Allens Road, Carters Road, and Farm Road.

We are planning to provide reticulated wastewater services to the Residential C zoned Tuarangi Road block. The aim of this project is to service the area of land bordered by Tuarangi Road, Seafield Road, and Bridge Street. The project is budgeted at $1.1 million across 2026/27 & 2027/28.