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Ashburton Relief Sewer Project

​Ashburton District Council is upgrading Ashburton's wastewater network to future-proof it for the town's growing population. With more people continuing to live in Ashburton and new homes connecting to the wastewater service, the pipes must be big enough to cope with increased demand in the years to come.

What is the project?

Council is installing 5.1 kilometres of new wastewater pipe from Milton Road South to Bridge Street in Netherby.

The pipe ranges from 600 to 800 millimetres in diameter, much larger than the old pipeline.

​This new wastewater pipe will connect to the Ashburton River crossing pipe at the end of Milton Road South that was installed in 2020. From there, the town's wastewater will be transported under the river to the new pump station in Tinwald that was also built in 2020.

The project is being carried out by Ashburton Contracting Ltd and Seipp Construction Ltd.

Project cost: $10 million

Central Government is contributing $7.98 million to the project through its three waters reform stimulus package. The remainder is being funded by Council.

Start: February 2021​
Finish: Expected March 2022​​

Detailed pipeline route:

The pipeline will run from the river-end of Milton Road South heading north to Wakanui Road. From there, the pipe will be installed west on Wakanui Road before verging onto Albert Street. It will then shift north and go through land east of Geoff Geering Drive up to Mill Creek. Finally, the pipe will be installed alongside Mill Creek (between Hampstead Rugby & All Sports Club and Braebrook subdivision) before finishing at Bridge Street.

​​Road closures and access​

Because the ARS pipeline is being installed alongside the road and in some places, in the roadway, this project will impact traffic:

  • Milton Road South from the river to Beach Road East will be closed to the public during work
  • Milton Road South/Beach Road East intersection will close as the pipe is installed across the road
  • Milton Road South/Wakanui Road intersection will close as the pipe is installed across the road​
  • Parts of Albert Street will be impacted

From 22 March 2021 until mid-August 2021, Wakanui Road from Trevors Road (including the Albert Street intersection) through to the Milton Road South intersection is closed to traffic.

The Ashburton/Hakatere River Trail remains open, however access via Milton Road South will not be available. Please use other entry points to access the trail.

Latest Updates

Ashburton Relief Sewer project update 15 October 2021

15 October 2021

Contractors working on the Ashburton Relief Sewer (ARS) line have re-opened the intersection of Beach Road East and Milton Road South after laying the wastewater pipe across the road.

Ashburton Relief Sewer Project Update 2 September 2021

2 September 2021

Work on the Ashburton Relief Sewer (ARS) line has re-commenced following the Covid 19 Level 4 lockdown when the contractors were unable to operate. With work recommencing, the intersection closure on Beach Road East/Beach Road will be put in place from Thursday, 2 September. The overall project remains on track

Ashburton Relief Sewer Project Update for the week of 2 August 2021

2 August 2021

Work on the Ashburton Relief Sewer (ARS) line is on track with Council contractors expected to finish trenching along Albert Street by the end of August.

New sewer line project progresses on schedule despite May weather setbacks

28 June 2021

A dramatic rise in the water table after May’s flooding weather event has made life tricky for contractors working on a new sewer line near the Ashburton River, but the project is still on track and making good progress.