Ashburton CBD Revitalisation Project

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Ashburton Central Business District (CBD) is experiencing redevelopment and Council is supporting investment and encourage revitalisation in this area through a significant regeneration of the streets, pavements, furniture and landscaping in the CBD. ​

Key changes are:​

The creation of 30km/h speed limit zone in the area bound by East, Moore, Cass and Havelock Streets

A pedestrian and cycle-friendly environment

New lighting and street furniture (for example park benches and seating areas)

Landscaping, such as more trees, new plantings and rain gardens that provide environmental benefits

Changes to parking including:

  • Installation of sensors throughout this part of the CBD and a provision of free, time-restricted parking.
  • ​P60 parking for East, Burnett and Tancred Streets, P120 for Havelock, Cass and Moore Streets, and change the P120 in the West Street car park to P180.

What is happening and when?

​COVID-19 Update

Work has recommenced on the streetscape upgrade as of Tuesday 28 April, under Alert Level Three. The project had ceased temporarily from 26 March due to the Level Four lockdown. Health and safety measures are in place to help protect workers and the community during this time.​

Tru Line Civil are working hard to get back on track and minimise the impact this ongoing project is having on CBD businesses as they begin emerging from the lockdown period.​

Construction work to upgrade the town centre streetscapes began on Monday, 27 January 2020 and is expected to take two years to complete. The work i​s being carried out by the Council's contractor, Tru-Line Civil.

Tru-Line Civil will replace and upgrade the CBD's drinking, stormwater and wastewater infrastructure; construct new road and footpath surfaces; and install new landscape features such as more trees, new plantings, rain gardens, new lighting and street furniture.

Work started on Cass Street first, followed by Tancred, Burnett and Moore Streets, before finishing up on East Street and Havelock Street.

​Image: Ashburton CBD Developed Designs

The upgrades will be in line with the concept designs developed with the assistance of Abley Transportation Consultants that were consulted on with the community in 2018. Design schemes developed by AECOM in association with Jasmax were completed in September 2019.

The funding for the regeneration comes from within our existing work programmes and budgets. View the full version of the Ashburton CBD Streetscape Renewal Issues and Options Report​.​

Design scheme

The plans for the CBD are exciting and include more trees, and new furniture, sustainability and environmental measures such as low energy LED lighting and rain gardens to filter stormwater. Some examples of what you can expect are in the pictures below.

In the media​

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Council seeking feedback on CBD revitalisation project​​​​ - ​Tuesday 22 May, 2018
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Associated Documents​

​Ashburton Developed Design
​Please note that the Ashburton Detailed Design document has not been updated to reflect a Council decision to keep the Tancred Street water feature where it is. The water feature will remain in its current location.
Ashburton CBD Streetscape Renewal Issues and Options Report

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Council adopted the Town Centre Concept Plan 2009 which set a broad framework for improvements in the Ashburton CBD. The plan acknowledged that these improvements would be gradual and that flexibility was important to accommodate a range of new initiatives and developments. This plan has since fed into other plans and projects, including the District Plan and the current redevelopment.
We now have a Town Centre Subcommittee who have been leading the Streetscape Revitalisation project on behalf of Council. The role of this subcommittee is to oversee revitalisation initiatives, transportation and cycleway initiatives, festive lighting and parking in the CBD.
Consultation on the proposed Ashburton CBD Revitalisation Project closed in 2018 and the Council was pleased with the submission responses received. Following consideration of the community feedback, a final plan was prepared and adopted by Council​ at its meeting on 20 September 2018. You can also review the report to Council here​.

Still, need more info?

The Canterbury earthquakes have resulted in significant changes to the face of the town centre, as buildings have required strengthening work or demolition. This redevelopment has given us an opportunity to support investment and encourage the revitalisation of the CBD.
In 2017, the 'Our Place' campaign we ran helped to encourage a conversation between Council and the community about the district's future. People gave us really valuable feedback about their priorities, and the fourth most important priority to them was the development of the town centre.​