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Noise Control

What is Excessive Noise?

Excessive noise is any noise that is under human control and loud enough to disturb the peace, comfort and convenience of any person.

Examples of excessive noise are:

​ Loud music​Broken alarms
​Band practice

However this does not include every day activities such as lawn mowing, as long as they are carried out within reasonable hours.

What Can I Do About a Noise Issue?

If your neighbours are being noisy, try talking to them first.

You can call Council 24 hours a day on (03) 307 7700 to make a noise complaint. It is important to call when the noise is occurring so that we can take immediate action. The noise maker is not told who has complained.

What Happens When I Report an Issue?

When you call Council, a Noise Control Officer will be sent out to assess the noise. If the noise is judged as excessive, they may issue a verbal or written notice to reduce the noise, which is enforced for up to 72 hours. Failure to obey the notice can result in equipment seizure or a fine.

Seized Equipment

Any equipment taken by a Noise Control Officer can be reclaimed from the Council office when we are happy that its return will not lead to further noise issues beyond a reasonable level.  The cost of removing and storing equipment must be paid before equipment is returned.

Be a Good Neighbour

You cannot get a permit to make noise for a party, or play your stereo loud or to use any other noisy equipment but there are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Be considerate of your neighbours
  • Let your neighbours know in advance about a party or invite your neighbours
  • Let your neighbours know of planned work on your section that may be noisy
  • Reduce noise travelling from your property by keeping doors or windows closed
  • Turn down the noise at a reasonable hour at night (10pm)
  • Don't start up noisy equipment such as chain saws early in the mornings or late in the evenings

What is Unreasonable Noise?

Here are some examples of unreasonable noise:

  • Loud noise that comes from commercial or industrial activity may be considered unreasonable based on a number of set rules
  • This type of noise is usually assessed by using a noise meter
  • The noise level and its characteristics are assessed against existing standards
  • For help assessing unreasonable noise, please contact our Environmental Health Officer on (03) 307 7700