From Waka Kotahi: Next phase of Walnut Avenue work

Published: 23 August 2022

Update from Waka Kotahi: Next phase of work - rail level crossing

Waka Kotahi is about to kick off the last big phase of construction work in the rail corridor at Walnut Avenue, the final part of its project to significantly improve pedestrian, road and rail safety.

Over the past few months a lot of work has been happening behind the scenes, such as the pouring of pre-cast concrete slabs for the rail crossing, finalising the railway signals design, securing materials and co-ordinating permitted works with train schedules.

Physical works will commence on site, particularly within the rail corridor, within the next couple of weeks. The most intensive work will start around the end of September and will require the closure of Walnut Avenue, between East and West Streets.

Waka Kotahi will be in touch closer to the time to talk about this significant closure once its traffic management plans have been approved. Plans include a special pedestrian crossing to look after students during the school week.

As always, Waka Kotahi sincerely appreciates the patience shown by the Ashburton community. With work due to become more intensive, you can keep up to date with progress on its website and subscribe to get updates here.