Iain Cheesman | Artist Talk

About the event

On Sunday 07 April at 2pm, Iain Cheesman will be visiting the Gallery and Museum to speak more about his foyer wall artwork The River Is. 

The River Is uses balls of wool in a sculptural manner, creating a river-like scene of divining sticks, accompanied by a poem. The work is inspired by a childhood memory in which Iain’s grandmother’s friend uses a wooden divining stick to search for water underground, speaking to the value of water that cannot be measured or owned.

Join us for special talk with Iain to hear more about the inspiration behind his work and be among the first to purchase the individual divining sticks. Proceeds from the sale of The River Is go to the Braided River Aid.

7th Apr 2024 -

02:00 pm

Ashburton Art Gallery

Admission: FREE