Community Honours Awards

  1. The Community Honours Award is a scheme under which an individual or an organisation who has carried out meritorious voluntary community service and who has not been recognised through their own sector awards in the Ashburton District may be rewarded publicly for their efforts.
  2. Nominations are invited on a confidential basis, from organisations, associations, societies or clubs (or by any two officers of these) giving full information on how the individual or organisation’s work or activities goes above and beyond the normal contributions of other citizens. The permission of the person nominated is not required at this stage, but will be obtained prior to an award being made.
  3. Persons who have previously received a New Zealand or Royal Honour will generally not be eligible unless there are special circumstances.
    1. Posthumous awards may be made within 12 months of a nominee’s death.
    2. Service relating to a person’s paid employment will not be considered.


Mayors Award for Public Service

  • The Mayor’s Award for Public Service is the highest civic honour bestowed by the Council. Mayor’s Awards are rare awards given to people who have made a significant and sustained contribution to the district. The Award recognises the recipients as stewards of the district and as people of special note.
  • Nominees for the awards must have made a significant contribution to the district for more than 20 years.
  • This civic honour is bestowed upon an individual for their lifetime.
  • There is no limit to the number of people recognised as worthy of the Mayor’s Award for Public Service. Worthy nominees are identified and assessed on a case by case basis.

Ashburton Medal

  • The Ashburton Medal honours the significant achievement of individuals or teams who have been very successful in their chosen field and who have made an outstanding contribution to the district as a whole, or outstanding national or international achievements. Only one Ashburton Medal may be awarded each year.

Civic Awards

  • Civic Awards are awarded in recognition of substantial service, usually of a voluntary nature or beyond normal employment, benefiting Ashburton District and its people. The nominees will have generally carried out predominantly voluntary work but payment for services will not necessarily disqualify receiving an award.
  • Substantial service includes short‐term or long‐term projects or activities that have benefited the whole of the district adding to the quality of life of residents. In exceptional circumstances an award may be granted to a non‐resident of Ashburton, if the service has been carried out in Ashburton District.
  • No more than 5 Civic Awards may be made each year.

Honorary Citizens

  • Honorary citizenship is an extraordinary honour granted to individuals who have given great service to Ashburton.
  • Honorary citizenship is a symbolic gesture. It does not grant any legal rights to citizenship of New Zealand.
  • Honorary citizenship may be granted to an individual, organisation or a position/title.
  • Honorary citizenship may be awarded at any time.
  1. Any nominations not successful in any one year may be re-nominated in following years.
  1. Please ensure that all details on the nomination form are completed.

Nominations close on Friday 20 August 2021.

The information provided will be considered, in confidence, by a special Council Selection Panel.  The Award ceremony will be held on Friday 24 September.

Any inquiries regarding the nominations for the Community Honours Awards please contact Carol McAtamney, phone 307 9645 or

if retired, also state previous occupation

If so, please give details. Note: persons recognised by New Zealand or royal honours are generally not eligible for community awards.

Which category are you nominating the nominee in? *

Please attach full details regarding history of services rendered by the nominee, together with copies of any supporting letters and other relevant information

The Council asks that nominees should not be informed of their nomination to avoid any possible embarrassment to the Council or the nominee. If selected their consent will be requested before the award is made.