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Lake Hood

Spanning over 80 hectares, Lake Hood is a made-made recreational lake which offers user an aquatic playground within a 10 minute drive from Ashburton (Hakatere). The Lake, surrounded by picnic areas and walking trails, allows users the opportunity to swim, kayak and sail. The Lake has a separate designated rowing course and water and jet skiing areas.

Information on lake events and lake closures can be found here: Lake Hood activities and events

There is also staged residential development around the Lake, including sections adjacent to the Lake and larger lifestyle blocks in close walking distance to the Lake. Sections located on the canals also provide residents the opportunity to have a jetty to moor boats and kayaks.

Any new jetty installation in Stage 14 of the Lake Hood development requires Council approval before being installed, if the jetty is installed on the lake bed on Council land. Residents must apply for a Licence to Occupy to use Council land by submitting a 'Notification of Owner Decided Unconsented Work' and all associated documented as per the Lake Hood Jetty Guidelines – March 2023.

Before constructing a jetty in Lake Hood, Stage 14 residents must review the Jetty Guidelines- March 2023 and submit a Notice of Unconsented Works Form to Council.

The Notice and all relevant documents can be emailed through to or posted to Ashburton District Council, PO Box 94, Ashburton 7740.

Once this information lodged with Council, there is a Fee for a Building Exemption Fee (Link to 23/24 Fees and Charges is here).

A Licence to Occupy will be issued once the relevant documentation has been provided and the fee paid.