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Have Your Say

Listening to our communities

What you think about issues and choices affecting our communities is important to us. A key part of Council's business is to seek out what you think and involve you in decision-making.

Community engagement means forging relationships that encourage the exchange of ideas between the community and Council, and informing residents of what Council is planning to do.

Council uses a range of different methods to engage the community to suit each situation and make sure that residents are involved.  These include formal engagement and reporting processes, consultation on particular issues and projects, and elected members and Council staff working with the community and communicating with residents the best way we can.

The Council also publicly notifies Resource Consent applications. You can view the submissions received through Resource Management Act Notifications here‚Äč.

Working with our community

Elected members and Council staff work with a range of community groups and organisations to ensure their feedback and input is incorporated into Council decision-making.

Council advocates for the needs of the community at regional and national levels.  It also coordinates community agencies lobbying for improvements to national services such as health, education, and social services.

At regional level, Council advocates for issues relating to the sustainable use and development of the district's resources.  We also work jointly with other Canterbury and South Island councils on matters of mutual concern.