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Racecourse Road Structure Plan

AECOM was engaged by Ashburton District Council (ADC) to investigate options for future development of land to the east of Racecourse Road. The goal was to do conduct a high-level holistic investigation and produce a conceptual Structure Plan to provide guidance to property owners for potential future development.

AECOM explored two development scenarios considering lot sizes of 2,000 sqm and 4,000 sqm. The current zoning (Residential D) for the land requires a minimum density (minimum lot size) of 4,000 sqm as per the operative District Plan. The scenario with 2,000 sqm lots was explored by AECOM purely from an investigation point of view to inform ADC of the potential future outcomes. We do not have any intention to change the zoning category or rules to allow for 2,000 sqm lot developments at this point in time.

The report also investigates the impact of this potential future development on the requirements for infrastructure including roading, water supply, sewerage and stormwater. Council staff will be discussing the report, the implementation strategy and timelines with the affected property owners and will be assessing feedback before deciding on how to proceed.​

To view the report click here​.

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