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Community Profile - Who We Are

Learn about the people that live in the Ashburton District, our population and what we do using our Community Profile and Social Atlas.

Council contracts ID Community to provide this information, who source data from Statistics New Zealand.

​​​The Community Profile provides demographic analysis for the d​istrict and suburbs based on results from the 2013, 2006 and 2001 Censuses of Population and Dwellings. Use this tool for:

  • ​Population highlights
  • ​Who we are
  • How we live
  • ​​What we do​
  • Migration profile
  • ​​Journey to work
  • Deprivation index

​The Social Atlas provides a series of maps that show how particular population groups are distributed across the Ashburton District. There are over 50 individual maps, each representing a community of interest. The maps are shaded to show where there are concentrations of these communities of interest. The data includes:​​

  • ​​Population density
  • Age structure
  • Ethnicity
  • Language
  • Religion
  • Income
  • Qualifications
  • Employment/unemployment
  • Volunteering
  • Childcare
  • Family structure
  • Size and type of household dwellings

You can read the 2020 Ashburton District Community Profile here.