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Lake Camp & Lake Clearwater Plan

Lake Camp

Recent reports have shown that Te Puna a Taka (Lake Clearwater) is currently in a fragile state and its water quality is declining, meaning it's at risk of ‘flipping’. This means it could reach a point of degradation that could have severe impacts on biodiversity and the overall health of the area, which would be very difficult to reverse.

We all want to see this area protected for the enjoyment of current and future generations, and this will require everyone to play their part, including the council. For this reason, we have developed a 30-year plan for the Ōtautari (Lake Camp) and Te Puna a Taka (Lake Clearwater) area.

The Ashburton District Council adopted the final plan on 17 August 2022.

View the Future of Lake Camp (Ōtautari) & Lake Clearwater (Te Puna a Taka) 30 Year Plan

You can read about some of the work that is being done in the area here.