NZTA: Tinwald traffic lights on and project update

Published: 27 March 2024

The new rail crossing for pedestrians at Lagmhor Road, which is part of the major intersection upgrade on State Highway 1.

From NZTA: SH1 Tinwald Corridor improvements update 27 March 2024

Traffic lights switched on

The new traffic lights at the SH1/Lagmhor Road/Agnes Street intersection have now been turned on and are working well.

There are some small bits of landscaping and linemarking still to finish, and when these are done, the project will be complete.

The traffic signals will help create gaps in the traffic, making it easier to cross the highway whether in cars, on bikes, scooters or on foot.

Please take care at the intersection as road users get familiar with the operation and new layout of the intersection.

Other upgrades we have made include an improved rail level crossing on Lagmhor Road and shared use paths at the viaduct and Agnes Street.

New road layout explained

The new signals will reduce queuing near the railway line. Now, any queuing on Lagmhor Road will be at the limit line, safely to the west of the tracks.

When there is a green light for Lagmhor Road, there will be enough time allowed for all vehicles to safely finish moving across the tracks and onto SH1/Archibald Street, before the next phase starts.

People on bikes or walking should use the dedicated crossing on the southwest side of Agnes Street when travelling in either direction. Just stand on the correct side and push the button like usual.

Safe route to Tinwald Primary School

A safe route to Tinwald Primary School while walking or biking has been developed as part of this project.

We are encouraging pupils to use the pedestrian gates at the Lagmhor Road rail crossing and the new traffic lights at the SH1/Lagmhor Road/Agnes Street intersection.

They should then follow the shared paths along Agnes and Thompson streets to get to and from school.

We have been working with the school to communicate the new safe route to the pupils.

How to use a flush median

We have widened the centre flush median on SH1 as part of this project and wanted to give you a reminder of how to use them, in case you are unsure.

Here is a snippet on how to use them safely from the road code:

It's alright to drive on a flush median for a short distance if you're turning into or out of a side road or driveway.

You can use them to slow down before making a right-hand turn, or to merge left into a gap in the traffic flow.

If you're using the flush median to make a right-hand turn you should indicate, then steer gently onto the median rather than at an abrupt angle. Use the median as an area to slow down and brake.

Carry out a similar manoeuvre if you're using the flush median as a refuge before merging into traffic on your left. Remember to indicate and check your mirrors, accelerate, and move gently into a gap in the traffic.

When using a flush median, always remember to watch out for pedestrians, other vehicles using the median and any raised islands.

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