Proposed Plan Change 5 - Transportation open for feedback

Published: 23 March 2023

The proposed Plan Change 5 was developed in response to gaps identified in the existing Ashburton District Plan transport provisions, in part arising from the new National Policy Statement on Urban Development.

The policy statement removed requirements for minimum off-street parking and resulted in some potential gaps in managing off-street parking, including design requirements for parking areas where these are provided.

Updating mobility and cycle parking standards, and managing effects from high trip generating activities, are needed to ensure the District Plan reflects best practice, and aligns with Council strategies such as the Walking and Cycling Strategy and District Parking Strategy.

Council has also updated its roading hierarchy, which classifies all the roads in the district according to traffic use. Uses of roads change over time with some getting busier and some quieter and the Council reviews their classes periodically to make sure that they are correctly described when someone wants to do a development.

You can see the full proposed document and have your say here: Plan Change Notifications

Public notice of plan change

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