Rural roads get major upgrades and repairs

Published: 29 April 2021

Drivers will be pleased to learn that Council’s roading contractors, have recently completed major reconstruction works of rural roads near Hinds, Methven and Fairton.

HEB Construction worked to repair 800 metres of poor ground conditions on Isleworth Road near Hinds, with more than half of the stretch of road needing to be dug out and replaced. The newly laid fabric and geotextile base will help strengthen the road and ensure longevity.

Ashburton District Councillor, Stuart Wilson was on-site inspecting the finished road and was quite pleased with results.

"This road has been on our radar for some time and I’m glad to see it has now been completed.”

“The potholes are gone; the pavement failures have been fixed; this road now provides a safer, smoother road and route for people to travel on,” he said.

On the other end of the district, Fulton Hogan have rehabilitated a 2.1 kilometre section of Pudding Hill Road near Methven, connecting two previously completed projects for a total of 4.9 kilometres of completed road works in recent years.

Meanwhile, Fairfield Road – the main throughway from State Highway 1 and Talley’s – has seen upgrade investments over the past four years due to heavy traffic use. The final section of this two-kilometre stretch has also been completed, that repaired damage and poor conditions of the road. Minor works, including works to the shoulders and the access ways are expected to be completed in the next couple weeks as well.

Road improvement projects are part of the Council’s planned Road and Footpath Programme.

Pictured above: Ashburton District Councillor, Stuart Wilson and HEB Construction Ltd Contract Manager, Conrad Mclean

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