CHIEF EXECUTIVE: Participation and partnership in local government

Published: 4 August 2022

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Nominations are starting to roll in, as the lead-up to the local elections in October ramps up. To stand for election nominees only need to meet three requirements – to be aged over eighteen, a New Zealand Citizen, and enrolled to vote. In nearly three months’ time, a new Council and Methven Community Board will embark on another three years, making decisions on the economic, social, cultural and environmental wellbeing of this community.

Achieving these four aspects needs partnerships and community input.

That is why we are asking the public to submit their thoughts on a draft 30-year Development Plan for the Ashburton Airport to become financially self-sufficient. Proposed partnerships on private-sector initiatives like hangar homes and businesses could help to offset rates, but this needs careful planning and feedback from airport users, residents near the airport and the wider community.

While we reflect on the success of the recent three-day Glow in the Park event, I’d like to acknowledge the wonderful partnerships with EA Networks and the community groups that made it all happen. The Ashburton District Council was delighted to be involved in a free community event that celebrated EA Networks’ contribution to the community and also promoted the Tinwald Domain, Plains Vintage Railway and the spirit of collaboration.

Another important way that Council partners to foster wellbeing is through providing community grants and funding. Community groups in the Ashburton District have the chance to apply for a range of different grants and funding rounds throughout August.

Whether it is helping put on a three-day event, your vote in three months’ time, contributing to a 30-year plan, or your contribution in the next three years of Council – your efforts big and small are all valuable contributions. It is your vision and participation now that affects decisions made over the next many years. Now is as good a time as ever to participate in your community and your local government.

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