Alfreso Dining Accordians

The changes we are proposing to the policy include:

  • Introducing a tiered policy, allowing for different requirements within different areas of the district. This means that businesses that do not currently hold a Licence to Occupy may be required to have one to use the footpath for outdoor dining.
  • Updates to the section about smoking in alfresco areas.
  • A new section outlining the ownership of structures and footpaths, and whose responsibility it is to remove a structure (if required).
  • New clauses reflecting the law regarding alcohol licences for alfresco dining areas.
  • A new clause clarifying that a building consent or exemption is required for certain works such as wind/safety barriers.
  • A new section outlining the right to request a review of a decision.
  • Updated wording regarding the use of car parks.
  • Increased clarity on which decisions are made by Council and which are made by council officers.
  • Updated requirements regarding a wind/safety barrier (including the length of the barrier).
  • A reference to fees and charges.
  • A new clause stating that Council may prescribe conditions to a Licence to Occupy.

For more detail on these proposed changes, please view the consultation document.