Staff shuffle to manage shortages

Published: 29 May 2024

The EA Networks centre is facing staff shortages this week due to a spike in winter illnesses.

People and Facilities Group Manager Sarah Mosley said that 23 staff at the centre have been hit with covid and other illnesses this week.

“We’re thankful our team have kept their qualifications and training up to date across a variety of roles and been flexible about taking on extra hours so they can cover absences. Without them we wouldn’t have been able to keep the doors open.”

With staff working in multiple roles and managers also lifeguarding or teaching classes most programmes and full operating hours have continued to date.

“Cancelling programmes and reducing hours is not something we want to do. But to ensure we maintain the quality or safety of our services to the community, that’s what we will do”, said Ms Mosley.

Any changes to facility hours or normal programmes are communicated on social media and e-mailed directly to impacted members.

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