Rain delays roundabout reseal

Published: 12 April 2024

Rain has delayed final asphalting of the roundabout at the intersection of Moore Street, Chalmers Avenue and Beach Road.

Contractors will now lay the final asphalt surface on Monday (15 April).

Group Manager Infrastructure and Open Spaces Neil McCann said the project had been on track but fine weather was needed for the final surfacing to be laid.

“We were on track to finish the work today (Friday), despite our contractors discovering a patch of soft soil with bark and tree roots under the road, which was built decades ago.”

He said it did explain why a spot on the northern side of the roundabout had always been a problem.

“But that’s been dug out and refilled with better material and now it is just the final asphalting to go.”

Structural asphalt has been used in the project and this is stronger and designed to better cope with heavy traffic. It replaces chipseal that was laid in 2011.

The intersection will remain fully closed until Tuesday, with detours in place.

Similar rehab and asphalting work is planned for the roundabout at the intersection of Chalmers Avenue, Walnut Avenue and Bridge Street, from 29 April.

The cost of the roundabout improvements is $330,000.

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