Lake Hood's new jumping platform is officially open

Published: 19 April 2024

Lake Hood’s new jumping platform is open for business.

The platform is in a separate body of spring-fed water at the northern end of the new lake and users must be confident swimmers as they need to swim out to access the platform, then climb a ladder to either a 2.5m or 4m high jumping off point.

Group Manager Infrastructure and Open Spaces Neil McCann said the platform and surrounding water would eventually be incorporated into the new lake as it expanded.

“But right now it is separate and water quality testing in the jumping platform’s pond shows no cyanobacteria is currently present.

So, while there’s a health warning on Lake Hood because of the algae, the water around the platform remains suitable for contact recreation.”

He said the platform was built to attract people who were currently jumping off Lake Hood canal bridges.

“Jumping off those bridges is a safety concern for Council as boats and other watercraft could be in the area, so we’ve provided a purpose-built alternative which will generate a lot of fun and be another attraction for the lake.”

The area around the platform is being developed so people can sit and have a picnic while they watch the action or supervise youngsters.

Mr McCann said jumpers needed to take turns and respect other users.

“The jumping platform is in a 4m deep body of water, with no lifeguard supervision, and users need to be confident swimmers. There is a lower gradient entrance and exit beach and emergency climb out ropes on the steeper gradient sides.

“The main safety rule is that jumpers need to ensure the water below is clear of others before they leap off. If everyone sticks to the rules, there shouldn’t be problems.”

The platform was constructed by Council, in conjuction with Ashburton Contracting Limited, using $35,000 from the Government's Better Off Funding.

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