Council stockwater update: 1 February 2024

Published: 1 February 2024

With the El Nino weather pattern dominating summer and causing declining flows in the stockwater network, Council is providing regular updates for stockwater users.

1 February 2024

Repairs on the stockwater race at Methven have been completed this morning (Thursday 1 February), and the water is back on for races servicing Lyndhurst, Lauriston and Chertsey areas -  flows may still be lower than usual because of the ongoing dry weather.

The Pudding Hill Stream flow has dropped to a very low level. Council strongly advises users to be aware of the flows in their races and have an alternative water supply available for stock should the race levels continue to drop.

Our team is working hard to keep the water flowing as much as possible.

MPI and NIWA are keeping a close eye on conditions here and around New Zealand, with the El Nino weather pattern predicted to last until March.

You can find MPI’s latest fortnightly situation report here.

You can check out NIWA’s drought forecasting tool here:

MPI also has some handy advice for lifestyle and small block owners:

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