SH1 Tinwald project: Focus moves to Melcombe Street

Published: 30 November 2023

One of the cyclist separator points on Melcombe Street that is currently under construction.

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency contractors have begun work on road-narrowing bulges (known as cyclist separators) on Melcombe Street, designed to lower speed and deter “rat runners”.

Three separators are being created along the street, to sit either side of slightly raised platforms, so traffic will slow down. The separators will also encourage drivers to use State Highway 1, rather than run down Melcombe Street to avoid the road works and eventual traffic lights.

Group Manager of Infrastructure and Open Spaces Neil McCann said the work was part of Waka Kotahi’s Tinwald traffic lights and highway improvement project.

“The bulges are deliberately designed to narrow the road and slow traffic, and there will be advisory signs for 25km/h at those points. It’s all about slowing traffic, deterring rat runners and making the road safer for cyclists, pedestrians and residents.

“It may be that wide vehicles cannot pass each other at these narrow points, but that is how traffic is calmed and driver behaviour changed. Hopefully it will even stop some of those campervans and other high vehicles using Melcombe Street and then getting stuck under the viaduct.”

Waka Kotahi is removing the cycle lane from the western side of SH1 as part of the traffic light and improvement project.

Mr McCann said the agency intends to remove all road cones on the highway by the Christmas break and temporary line marking will be in place.

“Stop signs will control access from Lagmhor Road and Agnes Street, and we'll have a better idea of when the project will be finally finished some time in the new year.

“We know it’s been a headache for those who live in Tinwald or regularly travel through it, but the end is in sight. The traffic lights should make it a lot easier and safer for side traffic to access the highway, and traffic coming to and from Lake Hood will find it easier to use McMurdo Street and the new lights at Agnes.”

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