Pest control planned at Lakes Camp and Clearwater

Published: 22 March 2023

Infrared cameras capture rabbit activity at the lakes at night.

Council is about to undertake another round of annual pest control at Lakes Camp and Clearwater, targeting rabbits, hares and possums.

Infrastructure and Open Spaces Group Manager Neil McCann said the work would be carried out at night by an experienced and approved contractor.

“The work is weather-dependent and will happen around the end of March or early April, and it will be carried out on Council-owned land at Lakes Clearwater and Lake Camp. This is an annual event to keep these pest populations down, and to protect our vulnerable biodiversity around the lakes area.”

Introduced mammals such as rabbits and hares pose threats to our native biodiversity and conservation values by over-browsing plant communities.

They also compete for grazing, reducing palatable pastures and causing significant disturbances to soil structure.

Mr McCann said night shooting remained the safest and most efficient technique to control pests like rabbits, hares and possums.

Reducing the pest population around the lakes will complement Council’s wilding pine eradication programme and annual weed control, with another volunteer day planned for Saturday 22 April 2023.

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