Proposed new waste plan draws good community response

Published: 30 June 2022

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A waste minimisation plan that proposes a new kerbside collection for food waste has attracted 129 submissions and the Council is pleased with the enthusiastic response.

Infrastructure Services Group Manager Neil McCann said the majority of the submissions on the draft Waste Minimisation and Management Plan focused on the proposal to introduce a food waste collection for households and offer it as a user-pays service to businesses.

“There was a range of views from the community, with some supporting an opt-in service and others wanting the collection expanded to include garden waste as well.

“Some other submitters were against the food waste collection altogether.”

If Councillors adopted the plan as proposed, staff would investigate options for how the food waste collection could operate and how much it would cost. Further consultation with the community would be held once that work was completed, likely during an upcoming Annual or Long Term Plan.

The draft Waste Management and Minimisation Plan aims to reduce waste going to landfill; in 2020, nearly 4000 tonnes of material was prevented from going to landfill, through recycling and reuse.

“We know we can divert more and at this stage, and we wanted to obtain the community’s feedback regarding a household food waste collection service and our other proposed actions.”

Councillors will hear from submitters and deliberate on feedback on the draft on 6 July, with the final form of the plan due to be adopted by Council on 27 July. Both meetings will be livestreamed.

On 6 July, Councillors will also consider 28 submissions received on the draft Trading in Public Places Bylaw.

People can view the submissions for both consultations online at

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