Council applauds Ruralco campaign supporting farmers

Published: 28 November 2022

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Ashburton District Council is applauding Ruralco for a campaign aimed at generating national appreciation and recognition for farmers.

“Farmers. We’ve Got Your Back” is the name of Ruralco’s campaign and it is being rolled out nationally in the form of stories and content that will raise awareness of all that farming offers – from providing jobs, feeding the nation and adding export value to the economy, to farming sustainably for future generations.

Ashburton District Mayor Neil Brown said farming was critical for the local community and its economy.

“We’ve seen that farming was able to sustain the Ashburton District during some tough times over the past few years of Covid-19, and it has also been the backbone of the national economy. Council is pleased to see this Ruralco campaign specifically supporting them.”

Ruralco Chair Jessie Chan said the “Farmers. We’ve Got Your Back” campaign is about demonstrating loyalty to farmers and their contribution, and about improving the perception the general population has of farmers and what they do.

“This is a way for Ruralco to give back and promote what we as farmers do. There is a story to tell around the whole country and Ruralco wants to inspire the industry to share that story.”

She said the campaign would run for at least a year and build momentum as suppliers and industry players came on board.

“Farming is about continuous improvement and outcomes for the environment, our animals, and our people. Farmers strive to look after all three but can be painted in a bad light by those without full knowledge of how we actually farm in New Zealand.”

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